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Womancake is a magazine and podcast that features wildly inspiring essays, interviews, articles, roundups, visual art, and poetry by women over age 40. Our focus is on sharing potent wisdom that comes from our individual and collective experiences. We are deeply committed to highlighting the value of older women as a powerful social, cultural, economic and political force. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website.

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Womancake Staff

Editor In Chief: Alicia Dara is a nationally recognized speech and presentation coach who has taught CEOs, Global VPs, Executive Directors and thousands of career women from around the world. Her essays on the power of women’s voices have been published in Oldster, Thrive Global, Lioness Magazine, Medium and others. “Embodying wisdom means our choices are not informed by fear or shame, but by deep insights and strong inner guidance that come from our individual and shared experiences. This is how every older woman can contribute to and guide our communities, and it's what we all should do!”

Managing Editor: Johanna Dokken has 20+ years experience in visual design, editorial content strategy and consumer research and communications for a range of industries and organizations. Her writing has been featured professionally for publications such as Actively Northwest and Medium. As Womancake’s managing editor, she seeks to amplify the “slices” of voices of women who are barreling past 40, have stories and perspectives to share. Her identities include frazzled mom, ambitious stepparent, committed spouse, stymied daughter, all knowing older sibling, abundant advice giver and seeker, and reluctant rule follower. Her passions include art, yoga, roller skating, and exploring the greater Pacific Northwest. “We all have our own paths and perspectives. Our understanding of the world is enriched by lived experience and learning from those around us. Embracing our individual identities through stories that are celebrated and shared opens us up to continuous growth at every stage of life.”

Contributing Editor: Amy Holan

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Alicia Dara

Find Alicia on Substack at https://aliciadara.substack.com/ She is a speech and presentation coach for career women, writer, musician, and survivor who specializes in strengthening women's voices in the workplace www.aliciadara.com