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Monday Memo #11

Monday Memo #11

A HUGE breakthrough about food and eating that changed everything, and I finally found my platonic ideal of a certain fashion item.

Some of the things mentioned in this episode include:

Power Voice for Midlife Women” a FREE 90-minute Zoom workshop this coming Friday the 22nd. In this event you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate your skills, knowledge, expertise and wisdom in the most memorable and impactful way.

  • How to employ the Pyramid and Funnel communication styles, so you can confidently articulate your point in any professional or social environment.

  • How to identify personal strengths that can help your community, and how to deliver them with maximum impact.

  • How to quantify and articulate your personal wisdom in a way that highlights your value to those around you.

You’ll do some writing, get some coaching, and enjoy some wisdom sharing with a small group of wonderful midlife women, in a safe and encouraging environment.

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